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Welcome to POSITION SPECIFIC TRAINING.  We are the Original and Premiere on-field football training program that New York has to offer.  Ranging from ages 7 to collegiate and professional athletes, we provide in-depth, age appropriate training to every athlete so they will return to their respective teams a more knowledgeable, more skilled and more confident player at their chosen position.

Our purpose is to break down each position from the beginner skill level to the advanced skill level, methodically developing athletes throughout the various stages.

At PST, we firmly believe the PROCESS to reaching success is most important, not the result. We will train your child to channel his/her focus, work ethic and highest confidence throughout the training PROCESS so the result will undeniably be SUCCESSFUL.




    •     Season starts March 25th, 2012
    •     Price per team $ 1,100
    •     Games will be played Sunday Mornings: 8:00am, 9:00am,  10:00am, & 11:00am
    •     6 on 6
    •     7 week season
    •     Each team plays once a week
    •     Top 6 teams qualify for playoffs
    •      Championship Trophy to the winner
    •    # 1 seed and # 2 seed receive a first round bye

GAME TIME:  There will be two {2} twenty five minute running halves, with the clock stopping inside 2 of the second half. The clock will stop only on a incomplete pass, or if the player goes out of bounds. There will be a one minute halftime.  Each team gets two timeouts {30 seconds} for the GAME.

At any time during the game, the clock shall also be stopped then restarted for the following:

1. Referees time out for injury (Only injuries considered serious.)
2. Anything considered dangerous


    •    TOUCHDOWN - 6 PTS
    •    SAFETY - 2 PTS
    •    P.A.T. 2YD - 1 PT
    •    P.A.T. 5YD - 2 PTS

SHIRTS: Players of opposing teams must wear different color shirts.

FIRST DOWNS:  Chain crew will illustrate first downs (10 Yards)

PLAYERS: Seven players on the field of play per team at any one time. Quarterback must take the snap from a shotgun formation, not from under center.

CONTACT: Open hand blocking only between shoulders and waist (chest area) of the opposing players frame is permitted behind the line of scrimmage. Shoulders are also permitted for blocking. Blockers must be on their feet before, during and after contact. Two on one blocking shall be limited to the area on and behind the neutral zone. Under no circumstances shall high low or a running block be permitted. Contact may occur only between the opponents' waist and shoulders. ANY PLAYER STRIKING THEIR OPPONENT ABOVE THE SHOULDERS IN A FLAGRANT MANNER WILL BE EJECTED AND DISQUALIFIED. THIS IS TO INCLUDE ANY PLAYER STRIKING THE PASSERS ARM.

RUSHING: All defenders must wait 3 Mississippi’s to rush the Quarterback; a defender can rush from anywhere.

COIN TOSS: Prior to the start of each game, the referee shall toss a coin in presence of opposing captains, after first designating which captain will call the toss. The captain shall choose one of the following options:

1. The ball, or
2. Designate which goal his team will defend.
3. Defer to the 2nd half.

DELAY OF GAME: Only a 25 second huddle, both teams shall have its players on the field for the opening play at the scheduled time of each half. HALF TIME SHOULD NOT BE MORE THAN 2 MINUTES.

PUNTS: The referee will walk off 20 yards.

LEGAL FORWARD PASS: When the ball leaves the passers hand, the passer must be on his side of the line of scrimmage.

DEAD BALL/ SAFETY: The ball is dead when it hits the ground. A backward pass, which touches the ground between the goal lines, is dead at the spot where it hits the ground and belongs to the team last in possession. A backward pass that hits the ground in the end zone shall be declared a safety.

COMPLETE/ INTERCEPTED PASS: A forward pass is completed when caught by an eligible offensive player. If the pass is caught in-bounds simultaneously by opponents, the ball becomes dead and belongs to the passing team at the spot of the simultaneous catch. A receiver must have 1-foot in-bounds.

PASS INTERFERENCE: Defensive players may not bump receivers more than 5 yards beyond the line of scrimmage and no contact may occur once the pass is thrown. Interference beyond the line of scrimmage is prohibited.

DEFENSIVE PASS INTERFERENCE: From the spot of the foul.

DEFENSIVE OF SIDES: 5 yards from the line of scrimmage.

INTENTIONAL GROUNDING: At the referee’s discretion: whether there was an attempt to complete a pass to an eligible receiver.

OFFENSIVE PASS INTERFERENCE:  5-yard penalty and loss of down.

OFFENSIVE / DEFENSIVE HOLDING : 10 yard penalty repeat down

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